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Improving Family Life Angela Aban and Juan Huallpa Family

Angela Aban and Juan Huallpa Family

Sajpaya Community, Yamparaez – Chuquisaca

One year ago, Angela and Juan started producing oregano with their 6 children. They told us that they have harvested oregano twice so far and that the benefits were intended to buy school materials for the children. It also helps them to learn to work together as a family; Juan prepares the land, Angela irrigates the soil and their kids do the planting:

“…We are really happy to have started farming oregano, we now have extra money to pay school expenses for our children. With the ECA, we learned to work together, to stop arguing with each other, and make plans to take care of the oregano. Furthermore, in the workshops, we have learned to work together regarding housework, we get up at 4H00 AM, we cook while we chat together, then we eat and send the kids to school. Each of us also helps with the children’s homework. With oregano, we can stay here on our land, and we don’t need to go work in the city. It’s lightweight labour where the whole family can work, and we are learning to help each other, we have a better life now…”

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